Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

2016 Arnhem Central

City of Arnhem -


10.2016 On October 21st, Frans Boots will give a lecture at the conference of the Portugese association of landscape architects.

De Kern Verbonden Den Haag

10.2016 The council of The Hague approves ‘De Kern Bijzonder’, a follow-up of the report ‘De Kern Gezond’ from 1987.


10.2016 Models of outdoor furniture as part of the regeneration of the Borwnfield in Bocholt.

Stadspark, Kerkrade

10.2016 It is a great compliment to see people play, exercise, or just hang out in a place that we helped create.

detail bestrating

10.2016 Arnhem Central Station is nominated for the Falco Award for Best Public Space of 2016.

Bureau B+B on location in harderwijk

09.2016 Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture explores the possibilities of vacant real estate in the center of Harderwijk. From Sunday September 11, until Thursday September 15, Berte Daan and Anna Fink will be present in the temporary annex on the Vuldersbrink in Harderwijk. Everybody is invited to step inside and share their ideas about empty shops.

Landschapspark de kanjel, limmel

07.2016 In 2011, Bureau B+B drew up a master plan for the Kanjel Zone in Maastricht in cooperation with Jan Maas. Landscape park the Kanjel consists of the natural stream de Kanjel and the historical gardens of Castle Bethlehem and Jeruzalem estate. An extension of the pathway structure and the construction of several bridges, improved the accessibility of the landscape park. Castle Bethlehem houses the hotel school of Zuyd Hogeschool. Soon, new accommodation for 400 students will be built on the campus. Bureau B+B is currently working on a sketch design for the campus and the esthetic requirements for the buildings.

zwemmen in aalst-historie2

07.2016 Bureau B+B is successful in Belgian tenders. We were selected for the second round of a swimming pool in Aalst, and also a school in Brussels. The City Pool in Aalst will be renovated and extended. Together with met Abetec, Topokor and Jan de Nul we are working on the competition dialogue. BPI, MBG, VK Engineering and LOW architects are our partners in the tender for a new school. It will be an extremely sustainable ‘bio-climatic’ complex, with a day care center, an elementary school and a secondary school.

IJsseldijk Noord

06.2016 The Water Board of Schieland and the Krimpenerwaard selects Bureau B+B for the second round of the tender for the spatial integration of the IJsseldijk Noord; KIJK Dike.


06.2016 The Creative Industry Stimulation Fund selected Bureau B+B during the open call ‘Designing Urban Centres’.