2020 - 2023

De Laat, Alkmaar

2020 - 2023

De Laat, Alkmaar

The next significant step towards a greener city center of Alkmaar has been taken with the transformation of de Laat. In 2020, Bureau B+B launched a strategy for the greening of the historic inner city center of Alkmaar. Besides a future perspective on the historic Bolwerkparks and greening the many shopping streets, Bureau B+B worked on the design of de Laat; one of the main shopping streets in Alkmaar.




Gemeente Alkmaar


Stadswerk 072, Alkmaars Bolwerk, KWS infra & Rots maatwerk

Surface Area

0,5 ha


De Laat suffered from vacancy, a low quality of public space and was heavily paved causing heat stress. Additionally, the street was prone to flooding; in 2021, during the design process de Laat was severely flooded, proving the significance of the transformation. The aim of the redevelopment was to create a sustainable, healthy, and livable city center that is climate-adaptive and responsive to changing shopping needs. In close collaboration with the municipality and the business association, an extensive design process has been established. Various model studies, in which residents of the municipality had a say, have resulted in a significant greening of de Laat.

The incorporation of planting borders creates a vibrant green experience, setting de Laat apart with its unique identity among other streets in the city center. Additionally, the sunken planting borders play a significant role in mitigating flooding during heavy rainfall. The generous planting areas with trees and blooming perennials alternate with open spaces, creating areas for social interactions and relaxation. Positioned on the north side of the street, the numerous terraces and seating areas are located in the sunniest spots. At the same time, the addition of more than 60 newly planted trees provides shaded spots and cooling. The two entrances of de Laat are accentuated with eye-catching water elements, enticing playful interaction.