2011 - 2016

Scholencampus Panhoven

2011 - 2016

Scholencampus Panhoven

Bureau B+B, together with Bekkering Adams Architects, won the invited competition for a school campus in Peer in Belgium. Scholencampus Panhoven is situated at the edge of the village of Peer and is designed as a landscape ensemble.




DBFM Scholen van Morgen

2011 - 2016

Brekkering Adams Architecten

Surface Area

5,5 ha

Sports fields, playgrounds and a large public park are an integral part of the campus design. The variety of buildings, (covered) playgrounds and outdoor spaces creates a diverse playing and learning landscape where a range of activities are possible. In our search for a logical position of the sports programme, we became fascinated by the beauty of the geometric shapes of various sports fields. This inspired us to create a sequence of an athletic track, soccer field, basketball court and baseball field, which together form the central open space of the campus. This open space is enclosed by the mass of the buildings which is reinforced by planting trees. The sports hall is partially sunken to allow the landscape to continue over its roof.  Because the landscape is pulled up, a natural outside grandstand is created from the sports fields can be observed. The slope is also used for outdoor performances.

The area has a clear separation between car traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. The middle area is car-free, and cyclists can cross the campus easily. Pedestrians can walk the full length of the site, or take shortcuts across.

For the planting concept, we decided first of all that the characteristic landscape elements and plantings will be kept, such as the large oaks and the tree line along the farm. This planting will be supplemented with an arboretum of special trees which were spread all over the campus. These trees have special seasonal characteristics, which are beautiful spring blossoms, special fruits or beautiful autumn colours. The special collection of trees embellishes the landscape, allows users and visitors to experience the different seasons and contribute towards nature education for students.