Ringbaan Zuid


Ringbaan Zuid

The vision for Ringbaan Zuid sets the tone for the future of a characteristic part of post-war Tilburg. Formerly the southern edge of the city overlooking the open agricultural landscape, it is now an urban area that functions as a green residential area and transition area between Tilburg Oud- and Nieuw-Zuid. The area can be read as a clear spatial ensemble with distinctive modernist architecture.




Gemeente Tilburg


DAT Architecten, Morgenmakers, Gerrie Andela

Surface Area

24 ha

Tilburg is rapidly developing south of the Ringbaan. As a result, the position and significance of the planning area is under discussion. The buildings are also in need of renovation. Together with a team of experts, a future vision was drawn up which does justice to the characteristic urban planning and architecture, the current value of the greenery and the potential significance of the site for the city as a whole. The vision came about during an extensive participatory process with residents and stakeholders.

Besides the visible elements and the relationships with the surroundings, the vision looks at the social structures of the neighbourhood. The area has a large number of affordable social housing units. As such, the neighbourhood fulfils an important role within the city. At the same time, there are a large number of spatial bottlenecks. From unpleasant spots due to dense shrubbery to anonymous plinths, and from unrepresentative public spaces to green elements that have outgrown the human scale. The vision itself is based on qualities of the area and its spatial ensembles. The recognisable repetition of buildings, the effect of space between buildings, the solid green structure and the perception of Ringbaan Zuid as a green parkway are some of the qualities to be preserved and strengthened.

The future vision focuses on making the housing supply suitable for future demands and creating a pleasant residential neighbourhood. We also propose to transform the anonymous, underused public space in the area into a future-proof park space – Ringpark Zuid – with plenty of space for climate adaptation and urban ecology. The area’s cultural-historical values will have a place in the future, regardless of which buildings will be renovated or demolished and rebuilt.

Ringpark Zuid is a new park of stature that rivals the largest parks in Tilburg in size and scale. At the same time, the park will not be a traditional city park. People will not only live at the park, but also in the park. In addition, the park plays an important role in connecting important ecologically valuable areas in and outside Tilburg, it cools down the adjacent neighbourhoods and will contribute to better water management due to the large buffer function in long wadis along the Ringbaan. The Edisonlaan and Generaal Smutslaan will be transformed into a climate street. Tree structures will be supplemented with a more diverse range of species and a new urban orchard will form a social space with significance for both people and animals.  Finally, green connections with the adjacent stony neighbourhoods will be strengthened. On to a future-proof city!