2019 - ongoing

School- en sportcampus Argonautenweg

2019 - ongoing

School- en sportcampus Argonautenweg

Campus Argonautenweg is a school and sports campus located on the Argonautenweg in Rotterdam. The campus consists of a park-like landscape containing two buildings which will accommodate the Wolfert Dalton and the VSO department of Mytylschool De Brug. The students and teachers of these two schools make collective use of the campus, which offers space for meeting and playing together as well as for quiet study and relaxation.




Gemeente Rotterdam

2019 - ongoing

DP6 architectuurstudio

Surface Area

1800 m2

In the design, the two buildings enter into a dialogue with one another and with the landscape, offering space for transparency and intimacy, for meeting and synergy and for a diversity of outdoor spaces. The campus is designed in such a way that most of the park zone is free of traffic movement. The placement of the two school buildings forms a sheltered green campus space where the auditoriums and schoolyards of both schools are located with a centrally located grassy podium in the middle. This podium ensures that the two schools have their own place on the campus, but connects the students in the middle by a long sitting edge and lounge area.

The entrance area consists of an efficiently organized parking lot and a spacious entrance plaza where the pick-up and drop-off of children from the Mytylschool are combined with an inviting running and sports track. The entrance route for students on foot and by bicycle has priority and is separated from the route for motorized traffic. The campus fits seamlessly into the larger green structure of Argonauten Park due to its park-like design and form language.