2002 - 2017

Stationsgebied Arnhem

2002 - 2017

Stationsgebied Arnhem

Arnhem’s Central Station is a lively hub of trains, buses, cars, pedestrians and cyclists. UNStudio was responsible for the buildings and the masterplan. Bureau B+B designed the public space: an urban landscape to meet and interact.




Gemeente Arnhem

2002 - 2017

UNStudio, Atelier Lek

Surface Area

4,5 ha

The Arnhem station area is situated in a hillside landscape on the transition from the Hoge Veluwe to the lower Rhine. This difference in height is the basis for the design. The station square connects seamlessly with the floors of the station building. The natural stone pavement follows the sloping terrain. Larger height differences are accommodated by “folds” in the paving, with wooden seats on top. The landscape of the Veluwe and the Rhine is also expressed in the planting: shade-loving planting on the lower east side and colourful drought-loving planting on the higher and sunny parts. Impressive plane trees form landmarks and transparent gleditsias mark the meeting places. UNStudio’s design is based on movement. Travellers are guided in the right direction by the shape of the building. Bureau B+B added residential quality to this dynamic environment.

The benches and greenery ensure that the station environment is more than a place you run through to catch the train. It is a place to stay longer. For a designer, it is a great compliment when the public space you have designed is used intensively. The natural stone paving follows the sloping ground level in various laying directions. Specially shaped tiles provide smooth transitions. Scattered across the floor are stainless steel numerals that mark the height differences. The benches emerge from the pavement like waves or shifting dunes. The lighting concept was developed in collaboration with Atelier Lek. Line lighting and lighting in the bannisters guide the walking routes. Tall light masts make the square safe and orderly, while small fixtures provide mood lighting near the benches. Ground spots illuminate the monumental trees.