Landgoed De Tempel en Nieuw Rhodenrijs

Just outside of Rotterdam lay two monumental estates: De Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs. The estates will undergo a careful restoration next to being developed into a residential estate for elderly in need of care. After restoration De Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs will be opened to the public and in this way will become part of the recreational route on the north fringe of the city. The estate De Tempel is of great historic importance and the area is rich in wildlife. Therefore, the integration of care facilities and recreation must be done carefully. Bureau B+B designed the master plan.

The estates along the Schie river hold traces of 300 years of garden history: The Tempel has an 18th century lay-out with classical lanes, baroque water features and a sculpture park. In the 19th century, winding paths were added in a pseudo landscape style. Nieuw Rhodenrijs was constructed in the early 20th century, in a clean, architectural garden style. We enhance the experience of these different historical periods by restoring certain iconic elements. Besides that, we add new, contemporary elements. A modern corten steel boardwalk will connect the two estates. A corten steel jetty on the Schie river will once again link the estates with the waterside.

  • Locatie: Delftweg 186A, 3046 NC Rotterdam, Nederland
  • Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Partners: Natuurmonumenten