Rome Site-Analysis

We arrived back in Amsterdam and we are still speechless! On most of the images we know from this city, Rome, this is the “Colloseum”, the “Vatican City” or the “Pantheon”. But Rome is also the home of 2.8 million people and just a glimpse of them wakes up with the Colloseum in front of their window. During our site-analysis we were visiting the places where the majority of Romans live, to understand the city and its actors behind all the beautiful images. We are speechless and thankful for all the moments we were honored to experience. Unique moments which the Romans create in their interaction with a city full of contradictions – sometimes loud, sometimes silent, sometimes on the prominent streets and sometimes on the little square around the corner. Always in interaction with the place to add a new story to this palimpsest. Grazie Roma, you are full of mirracles…

  • Location: Rome, Italië

Via Tuscolana - a street for cars

Via Lemonia - give people space and they will leg it

Via Tuscolana - the adventure of crossing a street for cars

Parco degli Acquedotti - within the middle of the urban fabric you step into another time

Via Tuscolana - more space for cars than for people

Parco degli Acquedotti - walking back thousands of years in history

Parco degli Acquedotti - the past and the present and more than 1000 years of history in between

Parco degli Acquedotti - a romantic view from the park towards the urban fabric

Parco degli Acquedotti - how many people already slept in front of the old aqueduct?