Princes Maxima Center

The Princes Maxima Center (PMC) is a hospital for child oncology in Utrecht that was created to room 120 beds, diagnostic facilities and a research center. Liag designed the building and Bureau B+B did the landscape design.

The PMC bridges the city and the surrounding landscape which consists of meadows and forest. The hospital is situated in a landscape pocket, framed by tree lanes. The meadows extend up to the building fa├žade as close as possible. The main entrance of the PMC can be reached by the principal dike of the area. The entrance court is designed as a carpet where a bridge across a pond creates a green entrance. The pond is a continuation of a series of ponds dispersed along the main dike.

Several gardens surround the building, offering space for different groups and activities. There are two closed off court yards: A restaurant garden and a sports garden. In addition, there is a semi secluded vine garden, a roof garden and a silo garden, containing the nitrogen tanks.

  • Location: Hoofddijk, Utrecht, Nederland
  • Executed: 2014-2018
  • Client: PMC Hospital
  • Partners: Liag architects (Architect), Van der Tol (Gardener)
Prinses Maxima Centrum

The PMC forms the threshold between the city and the surrounding landscape