Musiklandschaft Gronau

Musiklandschaft Gronau

In the German Münsterland, there are two renowned musical institutes: the Landes-musikakademie NRW in Nienborg and the rock’n’popmuseum in Gronau. They are 12 kilometers apart and are connected by the Dinkel river. The river flows through the country side connecting the cities. Stadt Gronau and Gemeinde Heek want to develop this area and promote it as a Musical Landscape.

Bureau B+B and LA Group visited the area for an entire week in order to fully experience and research the attributes. They looked at the surroundings from the uninhibited viewpoint of the tourist and talked to various stakeholders. Back in Amsterdam, the observations were processed into a spatial and functional concept.

In the Music Landscape, the countryside becomes audible. A recreational route runs along the Dinkel, passing several soundscapes. These soundscapes are physical places where people are invited to look, listen and experience. Occasionally you can hear the sounds that naturally come from the landscape, and occasionally new sounds are added. Sound artists are invited to create temporary sound sculptures or installations along the route. In addition, performances and concerts can take place.

Existing roads and streets are connected in a recognizable route. The soundscapes are all unique, but are linked together by their design and materials. They are placed on locations where the history or the current use of the land is prominent, like at a water mill, railroad tracks, or transmission towers. The soundscapes amplify what was not visible at first glance.

  • Location: Dinkel, Gronau, Duitsland
  • Concept: 2014
  • Client: Stadt Gronau en Gemeinde Heek
  • Partners: LA Group