Looking for Jane

Looking for Jane, Makeblijde

A garden is an enclosed piece of cultured land.

In the past, a garden was often surrounded by wilderness. For this project, the garden is an enclosed piece of wilderness within the Makeblijde garden. The site of Makelblijde was originally an abandoned schoolyard. The mysterious atmosphere surrounding the area was the starting point for the design. ‘Looking for Jane’ is a mysterious place that invites visitors to explore. A rugged wooden fence appears from a distance as an outstanding box in the surrounding orchard. While looking for the entrance, the visitor wanders around, to eventually discover a swiveling fence, through which they can enter the garden.

Once inside, a jungle of wild vegetation welcomes the visitor. The former schoolyard, enriched with exotic garden plants now has no pathways. The ground is covered with a thick layer of tree bark. In between the plant’s cocoons are suspended, creating the illusion that new life could hatch at any moment. The micro climate that is created by the high black fence and a water nebula, enhances the growing conditions for the exotic plants. Balancing on tree trunks, or a narrow bridge, the visitor can cross over to the other side of the jungle. On the west side, the fence has a double wall and a roof. It looks similar to a subterranean space with fog rising through the cracks of the floor. In the evening, the space is lit with a green light accentuating the hanging ropes that transform into a forest of vines. Hidden within the vines, swings hang offering more opportunities for adventure

  • Location: Oud Wulfseweg 3, 3992 Houten, Nederland
  • Constructed: 2000
  • Client: Makeblijde
  • Area: 700 m2
Looking for Jane, Makeblijde

Looking for Jane, Makeblijde