Lock Eefde

The monumental lock complex in Eefde will be extended with a second chamber. Bureau B+B is working on the designs for the technical building and the landscape plan.

The lock in Eefde connects the river IJssel with the Twente Canal. To improve accessibility of the region Twente and to simultaneously boost the economy, a second lock chamber will be built. The design, build, finance and maintenance contracts were given to the consortium Lock to Twente, consisting of TBI PPP, Mobilis|TBI en croonwolter&dros. Bureau B+B is responsible for the designs.

Monumental ensemble
The old lift towers, the lock chamber and the pumping station date back to 1933 and have since been designated state monuments. The technical building from 1990 differs substantially from the monumental ensemble in shape, position and material. It therefore has a negative influence on the entire complex. In addition, the current building does not meet the demands of future use. The project team seizes this opportunity to build a new technical building that will support the monumental character of the lock complex.

The new technical building will improve sustainability and the working conditions of the lock operators. The building will be completely energy-neutral, due to a smart implementation of solar panels. The panels are integrated into the design in such a manner that they do not contrast with the state monuments. Sheet piles and mooring posts that are removed during the extension of the lock, will be reused in the building and in outdoor furniture.

  • Location: Kapperallee 22, 7211 CG Eefde, Nederland
  • Client: Rijkswaterstaat
  • Partners: TBI PPP, Mobilis|TBI, croonwolter&dros

Lock Eefde in its current structures

The Lock Towers from 1933 are a state monument but their appearance is disturbed by the control center from the 90's.

The new lock control building seizes the monumental character of the lock towers.

The design contains the visual inclusion of the new lock chamber and control center into the surrounding landscape.

Understanding the landscape structures by working on models.

Testing the spatial appearance of the new lock control center.

Including the human scale into the new design.

As the area is visited by tourists the control center with a viewing platform has a multifunctional character.

The roof of the building serves as a viewing platform.

During the day the platform is open for the public, in the night it can get closed off.

During the day the platform is open for the public, in the night it can get closed off.

The new design from the view of a passing ship

View from inside the lock control building towards the river Ijssel