Hochschule Osnabruck

During a workshop five teams worked on the future perspective of the faculty Agrarwissenschaften und Landschaftsarchitektur. Döll Architects and Bureau B+B won this workshop and were allowed to make the vision for the campus. The concept is based on Lerngut, which means educational estate. This proposition is different unlike other traditional campus models. The estate nests in the countryside and absorbs the qualities and strengthens them. The jury called the plan “an intelligent contribution’’.

With few resources and appropriate interventions the power of a vast green campus will be gained and strengthened.
In this vision secondary schools are connected with the agricultural landscape. This contributes to the corporate identity of the Osnabrück faculty AgrarWissenschaften und Landschaftsarchitektur. It will make Lerngut Haste a future-proof campus university with a new identity. For students, scholars, and visitors an attractive area with identifiable areas arises. Lerngut Haste gets a new network of informal pathways. These pathways are linked to the existing road structure, so they can contribute to a lively and recreational area.

Nowadays the identity and character of Lerngut Haste is being affected by a two-part classification. North and South separates the campus area. A clear identity is missing and thereby not recognizable for the outer world. The structure of the landscape will become easier to read when you see area as a vertebrae in a spine.

  • Location: Am Krümpel, Osnabrück, Germany
  • master plan: 2013-2015
  • Client: Hochshule Osnabrück
  • Area: 19 ha
  • Partners: Döll Architects