Cradle 2 Cradle Ronneby, Sweden

B+B was invited along with other specialists, to participate in a workshop on creating ideas focused on the development of the First Cradle to Cradle built neighborhood in Sweden. In this pilot project the municipality, in collaboration with future private developers, will convert a central industrial site in the city of Ronneby into a sustainable neighborhood that leaves a positive footprint while strengthening municipal and regional competitiveness.

Based on a vision for the area, the team formulated goals for the area’s development linked to the chosen intentions. These guidelines are open for change and adaptable to future needs of the development the upcoming years. Focus lies on making the area attractive for possible investors.

We suggested the following steps:
– Design and build a park with vegetation that cleans the soil.
– Connect the area to the city.
– Create new activities on the site, build flexible and temporary structures.
– The new structures and events are created with a bigger goal of reaching out to larger community and creating awareness of the area.
– Invite locals and businesses to present their ideas and plans for the area.
– A business community development program inspired by C2C and based on existing technology an businesses is started.
– The house of the future is built on the area and tested to accumulate real time data to ensure improvement and research.
– Cooperation with schools and universities is developed in order to attract young people and share the technology.
– Over time the need for apartments, offices, meeting spaces and tourists are monitored.
–Eventually replacing temporary structures with healthy permanent but flexible buildings.
In adhering to these suggestions, a new form of urban planning will be established. Therefore, the legal instruments have to be flexible enough to allow development based on flexibility and changes over time other than adhere to a fixed masterplan. The urban plan will be based on local needs and possibilities. Profit is not the sole driving force, but also focuses on topics such as health, pleasure and biodiversity.

  • Location: Fridhemsvägen, Ronneby, Sweden
  • study: 2014
  • Client: municipality Ronneby, Sweden
  • Area: 9 ha
  • Partners: Except, LIAG architects