Central Shopping District Maastricht

Kernwinkelgebied Maastricht

Beautiful public space can contribute to an economically strong city centre. This case is proven with the city of Maastricht, whose most important shopping streets were renovated by Bureau B+B. The Municipality of Maastricht, as well as numerous private parties, wanted to maintain and strengthen the city’s position as an international retail centre by means of a transformation of its central shopping district. The city centre, located on both sides of the Maas River, is characterized by a mixture of residential and retail use. The actual plan of the city is virtually the same as it was in medieval times, a fact that, together with the magnificence of Maastricht’s historic architecture and typical mix of the residential and commercial, is essential to the city’s identity.

In creating the design, B+B distinguished between shopping streets, residential streets and the central ‘axis’, all of which clearly have a ‘familial’ relationship, but are nevertheless different in terms of profile and ambiance. The original tripartition of the street profiles has been restored, with a zone with sidewalks on its rim and a runner in the middle. The lines produced by strips parallel to the façades emphasize the characteristic pattern of the streets.

A reserved arrangement for the public space employing a grey palette of natural stone does optimum justice to the façades, while maintaining harmony with the materials traditionally used in the city. A minimum of street furniture has been used, and displays are not permitted. The existing suspended fittings for lighting were replaced with contemporary fittings providing improved light distribution and a soft, white light.

  • Location: Binnenstad, Maastricht, Nederland
  • Constructed: 2003
  • Client: City of Maastricht