Care Estate De Tempel

Landgoed de Schie isometrie struinpad

Outside of Rotterdam lies two monumental Dutch estates: De Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs. These estates will be redeveloped into a residential area for the elderly combined with a public park. The Tempel is greater than 300 years old and the area has a rich wildlife. Therefore, the care facilities and recreation must be interwoven carefully, and Bureau B+B designed the master plan.

300 years of garden history
The estates along the Schie river have traces of 300 years of garden history: The Tempel has an 18th century composition with classical lanes, baroque water features and a sculpture park. In the 19th century, winding paths were added in a pseudo landscape style. Nieuw Rhodenrijs was constructed in the early 20th century, in a clean, architectural garden style. We enhance the experience of these different historical periods by restoring certain iconic elements. In addition, we add new, contemporary elements. A modern corten steel boardwalk will connect the two estates. Along the Schie river a jetty will appear with a terrace and a pavilion.

Around 50 care units for elderly people will be built on the care-estate. The site will be divided into different domains. Residents can independently decide whether they prefer privacy or company, quiet or activity. The buildings will be linked directly to the garden, inviting residents to go outside more often in order to experience nature. The garden will be well maintained, lively, and appeal to people with dementia. There will be paths, shady hideouts and a sun terrace. The paths will be easily accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. The layout is orderly, so the staff can keep an eye on the residents from the building

  • Location: Landgoed Nieuw Rhodenrijs, Delftweg, Rotterdam, Nederland
  • master plan: ongoing
  • Client: Municipality of Rotterdam
Landgoed de Schie

The Tempel has an 18th century lay-out with classical lanes, baroque water features and a very special sculpture park.

Landgoed de Schie

A new housing for people with dementia will provide a secure housing in a green environment

Landgoed de Schie

A modern corten steel boardwalk will connect the two estates.

Landgoed de Schie

Along the Schie river, a jetty will re-appear, with a terrace and a pavilion to reconnect the estate with the recreational waternetwork.