40 Years Bureau B+B

Since its founding in 1977 Bureau B+B created a stir and puts its clear stamp on the profession of landscape architecture and urban design.

The office of Bureau B+B renews itself continuously. The office is organized as a collective, allowing all employees to develop their own style and vision. Employees often develop into leading designers and eventually start their own business. Alle Hosper, Michael van Gessel, Adriaan Geuze, Winny Maas, Silvia Karres, Bart Brands, Berno Strootman, Anneke Nauta, Gianni Cito, Lodewijk Baljon, Bram Breedveld, Ed Joosting, Mathieu Derckx, Marieke Timmermans, Ronald Rietveld, Dingeman Deijs, Anouk Vogel and many others, all where at a certain point part of our office.

The open, collective company culture causes our style to vary from project to project. Even so, our designs can be recognized by their poetic clarity. The framework is powerful, the details are subtle and refined. A clear, functional foundation creates opportunity for emotion, tactility and the poetic component of a design. Equal cooperation and interdisciplinary exchange are a constant factor at the bureau.

40 Years Bureau B+B stands for a rich and lively institute which we call our stage. A stage where we set our own and current values to chase our dreams. An institute to build on in further years. Our anniversary is an ode to all the people who once contributed to this special office.

  • Location: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 96, Amsterdam, Nederland
  • Partners: photography: Frank Hanswijk