In november 1977, two Young landscape architects, Riek Bakker and Ank Bleeker, start their own agency. Their aim is to emancipate the profession and to add urbanism to the operating range of landscape architects. In these days, the work of landscape architects is limited to green projects, like recreation areas, planting along roads, parks and gardens. Bakker and Bleeker are convinced that the field has more to offer. Landscape architects should be involved in spatial projects in an earlier stage and in a more equal position.


Within two years, 12 people are working for the agency. The team consists of people with different backgrounds and qualities, like the artist Pieter van Walree and landscape architect Jos Jacobs and Michael van Gessel. Winy Maas and Adriaan Geuze start of their careers with an internship at Bureau B+B. the designs during this start up phase are clean and minimalistic, with an architectural objectivity. In 1982, the bureau wins the design competition for Parc de la Vilette in Paris. The name of the bureau is now firmly established.

Ank Bleeker en Riek Bakker both leave the bureau after a while. During the course of the 1980’s and 90’s, the designs become more expressive and experimental. Alle Hosper is appointed director and Tineke Blok, Sylvia Karres, Johan Meeus climb aboard. After the successful project Prinsenland Park in Rotterdam and Kern Gezond in The Hague, the bureau specializes in the design of inner cities and parks. After the departure of Alle Hosper in 1991, van Gessel and Tineke Blok take charge. Bram Breedveld, Bart Brands, Berno Strootman, Marieke Timmermans, Mathieu Derckx and Frans Boots become the next generation. They work on landscape project on a larger scale. Bureau B+B designs ‘residential landscapes’ as a new economic pillar for rural areas.

Between 1997 and 2000 Anneke Nauta runs the bureau. During this period, Bureau B+B designs the garden for the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Hannover. Starting in 2001, Martine van Vliet en Freek Loos form the management team. The bureau takes the emancipation of landscape architecture to a higher level by supervising large urban development’s like Blaricummermeent and the station area in Arnhem. A new generation of talented designers joins the team, like Dingeman Deijs, Ronald Rietveld, Anouk Vogel, Ricky Rijkenberg, Jan Maas and Danielle Huls.

Since 2009 the bureau designs for the current needs in society under the direction of Jeanette Visser and Mascha Onderwater. In 2017 Bureau B+B celebrates its 40st anniversary. After all those years, the original culture and attitude are still recognizable: interdisciplinary cooperation, multiple land use, equal input from all employees, an analytical approach, cultural depth and a lucid idiom.

  Het team van Bureau B+B in 2018

Bureau B+B 2009

  Directieteam 2009/2011 van links naar rechts Frans Boots, Jan Maas,Mascha Onderwater, Jeantte Visser, Saline Verhoeven en Danielle Huls

Bureau B+B 1980


Bureau B+B 1982



Bureau B+B Alle Hosper

  Alle Hosper 1982-1992

Bureau B+B 1995

  Michael van Gessel en Bram Breedveld


Bureau B+B Martien van Oss



Bureau B+B jaren 90

  Liesbeth Rijnja, Mathieu Derkx, Bart Brands en Silvia Karres

Bureau B+B jaren 90

  Ed Joosting, Bart Brands en Karin


Bureau B+B 1985



Bureau B+B 1992


Bureau B+B 1996

  Frans Boots

Bureau B+B 1996

  afscheidsfeest Michael en Tineke

Bureau B+B jaren 80



Bureau B+B 2000


  Reza en Jeanette

Bureau B+B 2000

  Petrouska Thumann en Martine van Vliet

  Francien van Kempen


Bureau B+B 2005




  Kopenhagen 30 jarig bestaan

Bureau B+B 2007

  Excursie Kopenhagen Anne-Fleur Aronstein




Bureau B+B 2015

  Gert-Jan Wisse, Callum Watson, Tim Kort, Ricky Rijkenberg

Bureau B+B 2014

  Excursie IJsland 2014


  Excursion to Moscow 2018