Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture links decades of experience to young talent. Our designs are clear and functional, but also poetic. By inquisitive design, we find answers to current themes. We create meaningful places, inviting people to develop their own activities.

Stepping stone for talent

Since its founding in 1977 Bureau B+B built up a rich experience. At the same time, we keep attracting young talent. Because the bureau renews itself continuously, it keeps finding fresh solutions to current themes. The bureau is organized as a collective, allowing all employees to develop their own style. The team is made up of people from various backgrounds, personalities and fascinations. Employees often develop into leading designers and eventually start their own business. Equal cooperation and interdisciplinary exchange are a constant factor at the bureau.

Poetic clarity

The open, collective company culture causes our style to vary from project to project. Even so, our designs can be recognized by their poetic clarity. We aim for clear and explainable designs. The framework is powerful, the details are subtle and refined. The designs always contain a remarkable idea or an unconventional intervention that lifts the spatial experience above the functional. A clear, functional foundation creates opportunity for emotion, tactility and the poetic component of a design.

Reading the place

Every design starts with research of the existing elements, traditions and culture of the location. We consider a design successful, when it makes people feel at home and invites them to develop their own activities. During the design process we often choose to make hand sketches and analogue models. These models and sketches immediately communicate an idea, without getting lost in details. This allows for intuition and inventiveness. We read the location and add a chapter, so the story of the place can be told over and over.


No matter how spectacular the design is, a mediocre construction ruins everything. We aim for the highest quality possible. For this, precision and craftsmanship are essential. This is reflected in the details, but also in our knowledge of construction and materials. We often design unique pavement stones, furniture and fences, tailor made for the specific location and design. In order to achieve the best end result, we supervise the design from sketch to completion.