Opening first phase campus landscape NIKE EHQ Hilversum

We are proud to share the first phase of the campus landscape for the NIKE EHQ in Hilversum.

The landscape design focuses on the idea of offering NIKE employees and visitors a unique environment where work, sports and leisure come together in a green and active campus landscape. The campus is planted with a rich variety of indigenous vegetation, reconnecting the campus with the surrounding forest and heather landscape. Within this campus landscape a multitude of sports facilities, meeting and event places and leisure spaces are integrated, making the campus’ outdoor spaces a fully integrated part of the NIKE EHQ.

Homecourt is a new publicly accessible urban square that connects the NIKE offices and sports facilities on campus. Situated right between east and west campus, it will become an important catalyst and connecting space in the middle of the existing campus. Homecourt was designed with landscape in mind: the square is like a forest on the heather, combining shaded and sunny, sheltered and open spaces. With more than 80 new native trees growing between the custom designed sand-coloured, large tile paving, the square is granted an instant and unique natural atmosphere. A collection of daily food trucks turn the square into a buzzing outdoor lunch break spot. A skateable landscape including a variety of objects and urban elements activates the square, adding an important value to the campus and beyond. A large staircase-and-tribune connects east and west and offers a great space to sit, meet, eat and watch.

The centrepiece of the square is a skate landscape designed in collaboration with Floda31. The skate elements are based on shapes and objects that have shaped skateboarding over the past decades, with the Aalto wave as the central feature. All urban elements such as stairs and benches are skateable and therefore form an integral part of the skateboard experience. The combination between an urban square and skateable elements creates an authentic and inviting space that stimulates skateboarders’ creativity and functions as a catalyst for this hybrid urban space and the wider community.

Client: NIKE
Landscape design: Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture
Skate design: Floda31
Engineering: BK ingenieurs
Contractor: De Enk groen en golf
Contractor skate: Nine Yards skateparks
Art: Ruben Sanchez