New Legmeer presented

New Legmeer; the plans for an ambitious transformation of the industrial area Legmeer in Amstelveen have been presented.

New Legmeer will transform into a new mixed-use ‘working and living’ neighborhood where housing and businesses will be combined and where a wide variety of housing, education, social services and public spaces will offer a new type of neighborhood to the city of Amstelveen.

Future-proof neighborhood.
New Legmeer sets out to become an energy-neutral neighborhood. Also, in the lay-out of the neighborhood and its public spaces there is a strong focus on sustainable and resilient design; situated next to a regional tramline that connects the new neighborhood to the surrounding region, New Legmeer will become a pedestrian and cycling friendly neighborhood. The entire heart of the neighborhood is car-free. Parking will be situated in mobility-hubs with no parking places in the public realm. New blue- and green structures, green profiles and public and ecological parks make that New Legmeer will become an urban yet green neighborhood.

Urban transformation
The area will transform step by step into a new urban neighborhood in which existing and new businesses will be integrated. The entire neighborhood will eventually hold 3000 dwellings and 2400 employment places. The project received the national subsidy for housing developments. The first phases therefor need to break ground early 2024.

Bureau B+B worked in close collaboration with the municipality of Amstelveen on the landscape framework and visual quality plan of the new neighborhood. Based on the presented plans the municipality and stakeholders can now take the next steps in the development of the new neighborhood.

Bureau B+B in collaboration with the municipality of Amstelveen
Development vision Legmeer; BURA urbanism
Images; Vivid Vision