Valkhof Park, Nijmegen

Sint-Nicolaaskapel Valkhofpark Nijmegen

Since the middle ages, the Keep of the Valkhof stronghold defined Nijmegen’s skyline. In 1794 the stronghold was demolished for the most part, to be replaced by a park. The Donjon Nijmegen Foundation is committed to rebuilding the keep. Bureau B+B is working on the design for spatial integration of the tower and the revitalization of the park.

The hill of the Valkhof Park has been used as a strategic lookout point by the Batavians, the Romans and Merovingian rulers. Ancient walls, the St. Nicolas Chapel and the Barbarossa ruin recount this history. Today, the Valkhof Park faces worn out pavement, jumbled street furniture, dull planting, blocked views and undefined entrances. Rebuilding the keep creates the opportunity to renovate the park.

  • Location: Valkhofpark, Nijmegen, Nederland
  • Client: Donjon Nijmegen Foundation