Town Center Harderwijk


Harderwijk is known for its Dolphinarium, but also has a beautiful historical town center. To tempt visitors to go down town, the municipality decided to improve public space in the center of town.

Master Plan
Bureau B+B designed a master plan for the renovation of public space in the town center. The streetscape will become calmer and more coherent. The materials are sustainable and match the rich history of Harderwijk. Cast steel, natural stone and bricks were used. Bureau B+B designated three types of streets and designed a principle profile for each of them: shopping streets, residential streets and alleys. With this, the master plan can be detailed and constructed street by street.

Streets and Squares
The streets don’t have raised sidewalks or edges, making the town spacious and accessible. The squares have a modest design, that creates plenty of room for town life. Trees demarcate the space and create shady rest areas. Bureau B+B designed distinctive man hole covers made of cast steel, with the image of a sailing boat.

  • Location: Binnenstad, Harderwijk, Nederland
  • Master plan and design: 2010
  • Client: Municipality of Harderwijk
  • Area: 26 ha