The Connected Core The Hague

After thirty years, Bureau B+B updates the famous plan ‘The Healthy Core’. The economic and social circumstances have changed, but the city still requires coherence, identity and quality.

The Healthy Center
In 1987 we designed ‘The Healthy Core’ for The Hague, a master plan for the renovation of the city centre. The concept was based on five linear landscape atmospheres. The Heart Line from Spui untill Lange Voorhout connected the different linear atmospheres. Every linear atmosphere had its own recognizable identity, forging the city centre into a coherent unit.

Feeling lost
The spatial linear atmospheres are function well due to their strengt in identity. The Heart Line from Spui untill Lange Voorhout never functioned very well. The old breakthrough was dominated by cars. The wide and unidentified space make people feel lost in the city. The Spui untill Lange Voorhout now will be transformed into a pedestrian friendly area. This is an oppertunity to B+B explored the meaning of the Heart line.

The Heart Line
Several highlights of the inner city are situated close to the Heart Line. There is the City Hall, the main shopping streets, the Dutch Parliament and the Lange Voorhout with its cultural program and museums. The space is designed as a route which guiding visitors from one pace to another. The passages have a closed character to guide people. The character of the different places is given from the historic situation. Buildings, trees border the open spaces.

Shared Space Boulevard
The reduction of car traffic makes it possible to create a shared space boulevard on the heart line. In this shared space, bicycles, public transport and local traffic all use a central lane, subtly marked in the pavement. This leaves generous pedestrian lanes on either side. The heart line is transformed from a place to pass to a place to be.

Full-fledged squares
On the crossroads of the heart line and the squares, the design of the street dominates the design of the squares. The squares are undermined by this.
In the proposed situation, the squares are no longer dissected by the street. The traffic lane crosses the square in a modest way. The squares fill all the space and present themselves on the route of the heart line.

  • Location: Rijnstraat, Den Haag, Nederland
  • Concept: ongoing
  • Client: City of The Hague

Reconnecting the elements of the Inner City of Den Haag

De Kern Gezond 1987

From feeling lost to the Vision of "De Kern Bijzonder 2017"

Vision for Spui until Lange Voorhout

The Heartline will reconnect the fragmented parts of the inner city

Spatial clarity and cohesion through timeless design for the "Parliament Square"

The "Parliament Square" today and in the new vision

The new vision for the "Parliament Square"

"De Plaats" as a spatial ancorpoint in the city

"De Plaats" today and in the new vision

The new vision for "De Plaats"

Minimizing traffic space, maximizing public space on the "Lange Voorhout"

The "Lange Voorhout" today and in the new vision

The new vision for the "Lange Voorhout"