Station Square Zwijndrecht

Zwijndrecht’s station square will be transformed when the High-quality Public Transport (HOV-D) is introduced in the Drecht cities. The original bus station will be replaced with a compact design that places the bus stops in the Stationsweg. This frees up a great deal of space in the square for public use and greenery. The square is a representative entrance that matches Zwijndrecht’s green character.

The square also functions as a place to pass through, relax in and meet people. In the design, the square is covered with an unbroken pavement of baked-bricks from the station to the shops on the other side. An ensemble of raised greenery-filled islands that have concrete edges which can also be used as seating, bring vegetation to the square.

These islands have a mixture of grasses, perennials and botanic bulbs. There are also trees in the islands, as well as in the pavement to subtly guide visitors through the square. Routes for the disabled have been incorporated into the pattern of the pavement. Lamp posts stand among the trees and mark the main routes through the square.

  • Location: Stationsplein, Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
  • constructed: 2012
  • Client: municipality of Zwijndrecht
  • Area: 11.100 m2

plan drawing planting

photography: Frank Hanswijk

photography: Frank Hanswijk

photography: Frank Hanswijk

photography: Frans Hanswijk