Marketsquare and central area Papendrecht

Bureau B+B forged the fragmented center of Papendrecht together with new, superior public space.

Part of Papendrechts central area was replaced by a new shopping center with a parking garage, shops and apartments. This turned the center into an incoherent collection of different architecture styles. Also, there is a significant difference in height, due to the historical dike. Bureau B+B designed the public space that knits the whole center together.

Contemporary Timelessness
The superior design is subdued and brings identity and coherence to the center. Brick pavement and natural stone add a worm and timeless quality to the public space, while the details and the street furniture are contemporary. A remarkable fountain and carefully placed trees create pleasant places to linger.

Market Square

The market square is the central meeting point of Papendrecht. The large, open space is softened by adding trees, planters and a stage. In the brick pavement, natural stone lines are laid out. The undulating lines refer to the river landscape, that brought Papendrecht into existence.

photography: Erwin van Amstel

  • Location: Markt, Papendrecht, Netherlands
  • constructed: 2008 - 2016
  • Client: Municipality of Papendrecht
  • Area: 30.000m2