Laurentius Hospital, Roermond

Laurentius Ziekenhuis Roermond

The Laurentius Hospital in Roermond expanded with 15.000m2 of hospital facilities and a care hotel. Therefore, the outdoor area was also renovated and adjusted. A new access road was constructed, along with a terrace for the ambulances next to the entrance. 90 additional parking places were added, as well as a planting area and a bicycle shed.

After the renovation, the Laurentius Hospital consisted of several separate buildings with various orientations. The new buildingĀ“s impact on the environment is larger than the previous situation. This led to the essential question of trying to create a single coherent identity for the site. This identity was inspired by the adjacent church garden. An interesting collection of trees surrounds the Holy Heart Church, that is typical for Catholic church gardens. The atmosphere of the arboretum inspired the design of the hospital grounds.

The whole site is seen as an open forest. This open forest grants the location an intimacy and human scale. The new trees have translucent crowns, like the Robinia or the Gleditsia, to give pedestrians an open perspective. The ground covering is low, rich and varied offering something for every season. Because of the trees, the public space becomes an integrated interplay between light and shadow, open and secluded. The range of buildings, objects and functions is absorbed by the ensemble of trees.

The parking places are integrated in a clear and functional manner. An axis runs across the parking lot, in the direction of the entrance. This esplanade has a green appearance and attractive places to sit. The bicycle shed is comfortable and maintenance free. Terraces, walls and slopes are constructed with polished concrete. The retaining walls are made of stacked broken tiles. The roads and paths are covered in dark, smooth tarmac. The outdoor furniture is simple and rugged.

Sustainability is an important theme for the complex. All the materials used are sturdy and reusable. The paved surface is limited, in order to allow rainwater infiltration. To further enhance water retention, the parking lots are semi- paved. The entire site is sustainable wherever possible.

  • Location: Monseigneur Driessenstraat 6, 6043 CV Roermond, Nederland
  • Client: Laurentius Hospital
  • Partners: Michael van Gessel