Gelre Hospital, Apeldoorn

Gelre Ziekenhuis Apeldoorn

On the site of the Lukas van Gelre Hospital in Apeldoorn, two hospitals have merged. The existing buildings were partly demolished and partly renovated while new buildings were constructed. The surrounding grounds, including gardens, and infrastructure have been adjusted to fuse with the newly built structure and the number of parking lots has doubled due to an increase in traffic.

Greater car traffic causes louder noise and light. In addition, doubling the number of parking places has a large effect on the spatial quality. These negative consequences are mitigated by using a noise-reducing tarmac and by concentrating the parking places at the front of the building. By doing so, the green, wooded character on the back side of the building can be maintained. Part of the parking lot is placed under a green deck. Dense evergreens are planted on strategic locations, blocking the view on traffic. To reduce the strain on the surroundings, the hospital now has its own connection to the main road.

A natural, green environment has a positive effect on the recovery of patients. This led to an emphasis and focus on the planting. The wooded landscape surrounding the hospital continues through the site and the parking lots. Existing trees are saved as often as possible. They are supplemented with indigenous species like the common oak and downy birch. Underneath the trees, rhododendrons, holly and ferns grow. The tree clumps are spread out evenly, so the entire site has a green atmosphere.

The new building is shaped like a comb. The different wards are grouped in wings, the teeth of the comb. In between the teeth are four gardens; a blue, white, green and red garden. They represent the four seasons. The differences between the gardens facilitates orientation inside the building. The secluded gardens offer security and familiarity close to the building, while the building itself is integrated into the landscape by the natural planting of the exterior.

  • Location: Albert Schweitzerlaan 31, 7334 DZ Apeldoorn, Nederland
  • constructed: 2008
  • Client: Gelre Hospitals, Apeldoorn
  • Cost: € 2.500.000,00
  • Area: 8.9 ha
  • Partners: Aan de Amstel Architects