Nijkerk Doornsteeg

Commissioned by the municipality of Nijkerk Bureau B+B has created a master plan for the Doornsteeg area in Nijkerk. The task for Doornsteeg is to create a distinctive neighborhood with its strong own identity, all taking into account the current market conditions. The themes “child-and family -friendly” and “sustainable” are very important to create a green residential area with a high degree of social cohesion .

The time for ideological blueprints with a defined final image is over. The real challenge in developing an urban area is primarily in how to connect places, people and parties, and only secondarily in the development of real estate. Essential is flexibility and the possibility to create conditions for a gradual transformation.

The masterplan represents the character and qualities of the area in the current situation and in the future. It thus gives a picture of the qualities that are retained and a view through to the future desired image. The master plan does not establish the final image, but it provides a framework of the main green structure, public space and infrastructure. The design of the framework brings clearness and consistency in the area. The intermediate spaces make it possible to create flexible urban developments that will be done in consultation with current and future residents, developers and entrepreneurs as much as possible. Together they build the neighborhood. It sets the opportunity for people to influence their own living environment. The whole plan will be an organic development.

There is a very high ambition for the location, which intends to be a pleasant green area. The development has a guideline to achieve a lower density than the average Vinex location.
The relation between the urban area and the landscape will be enhanced by withdrawing the adjacent landscape Arkemheen into the planning area. This green area is really centrally located in the district so as many people as possible are looking at it and have a direct relationship with the green park/garden.

This green area is called the ‘Stream Garden‘ and is the heart of the district and forms the main structural supporting element of the design. The Stream Garden is based on one of the largest existing qualities of the planning area: the stream.
In addition, the existing avenue of trees of Doornsteeg is maintained, and a green recreational trail flings through the neighborhood. The treestructure is enhanced and complemented by the existing ditches, which remain well preserved. The intermediate spaces in/between the landscape structure can be developed separately, but can also be maintained in their current form. Each phase would be a final phase. The obvious main road access and close accessibility principles ensure that the new residents are not constantly live in a “construction site”.

  • Location: Doornsteeg, Nijkerk, Netherlands
  • Master plan: 2013-heden
  • Client: Municipality of Nijkerk
  • Area: 65 ha