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Marktplein Apeldoorn Visualisatie

Apeldoorn is a booming city that has an extraordinary position in the landscape. Unique for the character of the city is the combination of the wild natural landscape of the adjacent Veluwe natural park and the stately manors, lanes and parks. In addition to the natural wealth the city has to offer there is also a strong cultoral history. That wealth requires a large square for a diversity of events and activities. A square that is flexible enough for different programming at the same time and, depending on the season, on different moments at the day.

Currently the transition from the city to the square is experienced as rather harsh and abrupt. Especially when there is no market, The Marktplein square lacks the atmosphere and conviviality of, for example, the adjacent Raadhuisplein and the Hoofdstraat. Our goal is to bring the character that is typical for Apeldoorn to the square and to interweave the city and open space: a square that can be embraced every moment of the day by the residents.

For the Market Square we propose a square that is very typical for Apeldoorn. It would be experienced as if the surrounding natural landscape rises through the square and makes an open space in the city. This creates two areas that overlap; the urban, cozy edge and the open, bright center of the square. With a series of richly planted ‘islands’ that surround the square, we mark this transition and ‘celebrate the edges’. The islands add a variety of seating options. By integrating the entrances of the parking garage and bicycle parking in the islands, they become one with the square. The entrances and also the proposed cafĂ© get an inviting, wooden facade. These are the places where people will meet, drink coffee or eat an ice cream.

The Town Hall will receive a spacious and visible entrance that will ‘light up’ the square. The seat edges are pulled forward, so that you can sit comfortably in the sun. The entrance will be a place that invites, where a wedding couple can proudly take pictures and with which the Town Hall will be placed on the square.

Finally, the ‘Stadspodium’ (City Stage) forms the entrance from the Stationsstraat to the square and thus acts as an an invitation for visitors. The Stadspodium is inspired by a group of trees and provides support, scale and liveliness to the open space. The perforations in the roof create a varied image every moment of the day. This results, just like the sun shining through a foliage, in a special shadow play on the ground. The awning can be used in different ways; as a swing, climbing and playing object, meeting place, public cinema … It is an object that, together with the square, will become a place that Apeldoorners can make their own. Because of the Stadspodium, just like a birthday party that just ended, the place will feel like the ‘garlands are still hanging on’ – even if there is no market.

The story of the landscape that is so typical of the city of Apeldoorn and its surroundings will thus play a major role in the design for the new Market Square. This makes it a recognizable, iconic and future-proof square that belongs in the city. One which contributes to the liveliness and attractiveness of the city in every season, at any time of the day.

  • Location: Marktplein, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The square with its sustainable qualities integrates well into the city of Apeldoorn

The design of the square fits better to the human scale but is still flexible for all imaginable uses

Marktplein Apeldoorn Eilanden

Green islands bring the atmosphere of the Veluwe to the square

Marktplein Apeldoorn Pleinobject

The city stage is a great place for a variety of events.

Marktplein Apeldoorn Entrees parkeergarage

The integration of the entrances of the parking garage and the square itself is noticably improved