Brug Blaricummermeent

The Blaricummermeent is a plan for about 750 houses and 18,5 hectares businesspark. The plan distinguishes itself by the blaricum-way of organization with curvy roads and a green atmosphere. An important part of the urban plan is the construction of a new river called the Meentstroom. The Meentstroom connects the existing water from the neighborhood Bijvanck with the Gooimeer and runs through two different parts of the plan; Stroom and Delta. A lock is built to connect the Meentstroom with the Gooimeer. The lock was designed as a cut-out of the dike and is covered with wood on top of the plateau as well as on the inside. This way it offers a warm welcome to those arriving by boat.

  • Location: Deltazijde, Blaricum, Nederland
  • Under construction: 2009
  • Client: Municipality Blaricum
  • Cost: € 10.000.000
  • Area: 8 Ha
  • Partners: Loos van Vliet
Brug Blaricummermeent

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