In the meantime – construction site Bocholt

At the beginning of September we visited the construction site of the public space around the river in Bocholt (DE) and monitored the material samples. For this prior textile industry area Bureau B+B and SeARCH architects developed a masterplan and design for the public space and urban design. During the construction of the first section of public space, closed parts of the sites are developing an incredible wilderness. The design of the public space incorporates atmospheres and traces of the past.

monitoring the material samples for the new paths and furniture

new bike paths will be of special concrete with rough texture and visible stones

old pavement and walls are integrated into the new urban plan

construction of more ecological shores along the river Aa

old trees along the river are encorporated in the paths

former train tracks and spontaneus vegetation will become part of the new public space

the path along the river is temporarily out of use due to construction...

... therefore the vegetation is taking over...

foundation of the podium bridge - a square above the river

a new bike lane connects the area with the inner city

parts of the old buildings will be incorporated into the new architecture

old stones are saved to become new pavement for the museumsquares

temporary activities are enriching the site...

... like this urban gardening project